Shelter Home

For Girls

Shelter Home is short-stay homes for children needing temporary shelter, care and protection for a maximum period of one year.   They provide immediate care and protections for the children who are abused, abandoned, neglected, runaways, trafficked and are in need of temporary emergency care.

The shelter home on order of CWC shall receive a child in need of care and protection during the pendency of any inquiry and subsequently for their care, treatment, education, training, development, rehabilitation and reintegration.

We have a Model Shelter Home in Sangam Vihar, New Delhi licensed with the Ministry of Women and Child Development that provides place of temporary care for children, aged 6‐17 referred by the Child Welfare Committee.




Details of services offered to children



No. Of girls have been sheltered since June 2011



No. of girls restored back to their families



No. Of Girls transferred for care and protection with other homes



No. of Girls attained 18 discharged



No. of Girls placed in vocational training program



No. of Girls placed in long term care (group home)



No. of Girls sheltered at present




FLC Group Home is a residential place that serves as a home for people who are not in the same family but have a common characteristic. This would mean a home for children who need social assistance or who are not able to live alone or without proper care for safety reasons. They are often established in typical residential neighborhoods and often contain the typical features of a household. However, instead of traditional families, they are comprised of a group of unrelated children who receive support services while residing under one roof.

At present we have 7 children placed to grow in a family atmosphere.  We meet the emotional, social, physical and spiritual needs of the children and give them hope for their future.  These children are admitted in a formal school, regular medical check ups are given, food, accommodation & and other basic needs are provided.  The house parents and elder sister create a beautiful Christian environment for the children to experience the love of Christ.  Interpersonal relationship between the children and parents are strengthened.  Children contribute and participate in the daily activities and share responsibilities as one family.

Shelter Home

For Boys

Its for boys between the age of 6 to 17 in need in urban areas to provide care, support and rehabilitation for their holistic development.


The large numbers of homeless children, orphans, abandoned, pavement dwellers, street and working children and child beggars left on their own are in need of care and protection. The objective of this open shelter is to prevent and reduce of vulnerabilities to situations and actions that lead to various abuse, neglect and exploitation.

These children suffer the most with or without parental support; end up at traffic intersections, railway stations, streets, sabzi mandi (Vegetable market) etc. They can be seen begging for alms, wiping automobile windscreens, rag picking, vending wares and may also be involved in petty thefts, drug peddling or controlled by a begging or stealing mafia. Many of these children also peddle sex for survival. These children are very often victims of adult abuse of all kinds; physical, sexual, emotional as well as economic exploitation.

In order to cater for the growing needs of these children, open shelter shall provide a place for children where they can play, use their time productively and engage themselves in creative activities through music, dance, drama, spiritual activities, computers, indoor and outdoor games to ensure the over all growth development, and keep them away from socially deviant behaviors in addition to fulfilling their basic requirements for food, shelter, nutrition and health. And see the possibilities for introducing these children to school and training centers. Providing regular counseling and guidance would help them to make proper decision for their future.

Group Home

Maintain household and family life at a standard that promotes the wellbeing of the children and provide high quality level of care. This includes actively supporting the child’s education, development and leisure pursuits

Objectives of Group Home:

  1. Enjoy family atmosphere
  2. Education and training
  3. Future and career
  4. Good health- Receive prompt medical treatment
  5. Believe, experiencing the love of Christ- exercising Christian faith
  6. Socializing with the community
  7. Care, protection and wellbeing
  8. Helping children to bring out their talents and developing them
  9. Free from physical/sexual harassment and corporal punishment

We take the trouble to provide a family-like home, schooling, love, discipline, developmentally positive influences, nutritious food, good medical care. All of this, we provide for two reasons:

  1. Because we are commanded to
  2. Because we can bring the children to a place where they might accept God’s free gift of grace

Jai Vihar

Community Devolopment Program

Formal and Non Formal Education:

FLC has adopted Jai Vihar to bring transformation. Jai Vihar is a dense Colony that has developed very closely along the railway track near Laj Pat Nagar. It primarily consists of migrants from South India. The residents are low or unskilled for any professional carriers. They get their income through drug peddling, gambling, production and sale of local illegal liquor. Youth and children are forced to involve these businesses to bring customers and to sell products. They do not have any basic sanitary facilities and live in the midst of pile of garbage. Children education is very low as compared to other places in the city.

FLC joins hand with Global family offers non-formal education to the children below the age group of 4 to 10, places them into schools for formal education and provide tuition fees, uniform and books at free of cost. We conduct community awareness programs to bring socio-economic development and prevent the children & youth from becoming victims of anti-social elements. Annual Medical camps were conducted to provide treatment to common sickness.

No. of students admitted for formal education in 2016 : 46

No. of students enrolled in our non-formal education : 34

No. of patients treated in the medical camp : 213