Maintain household and family life at a standard that promotes the wellbeing of the children and provide high quality level of care. This includes actively supporting the child’s education, development and leisure pursuits

 Objectives of Group Home:

  1. Enjoy family atmosphere
  2. Education and training
  3. Future and career
  4. Good health- Receive prompt medical treatment
  5. Believe, experiencing the love of Christ- exercising Christian faith
  6. Socializing with the community
  7. Care, protection and wellbeing
  8. Helping children to bring out their talents and developing them
  9. Free from physical/sexual harassment and corporal punishment


We take the trouble to provide a family-like home, schooling, love, discipline, developmentally positive influences, nutritious food, good medical care.  All of this, we provide for two reasons:

  1. Because we are commanded to
  2. Because we can bring the children to a place where they might accept God’s free gift of grace